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We'll Be Together Everyday

Countdown to SoKai Day "2013 Journey to the Sky"!

Countdown ended
Tuesday, September 17th @ 1:00am

:love::iconsokaiglompplz:It's SOKAI day!!!:iconsokaiglompplz::love:

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 25, 2013, 2:52 PM

Chained-Promises's ID
changes frequently after each event or contest. Members who participate and send us their works are added into the montage of our ID :). So be sure not to miss out if you want your entries to be a part of it!


+Sokai Day Event 2013! 5 MORE DAYS!+

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 12:15 PM


:bulletwhite::bulletred:SoKai Day!:bulletred::bulletwhite:


Hello members! SoKai Day is in FIVE days! Please show your dedication to the pair! I know it's such a short notice reminder, but it's why we're allowing you time even after SoKai Day to submit your works. You all will have a chance to contribute something until the first week of October. Hope you're all looking forward to it! Don't forget to check below for details! :) We implore you all to do your best!

We'll have a new ID soon too, I promise! Also, sorry we don't have a contest event this summer, but we hope to have one during the winter for sure. So I hope you guys look forward to it! :)

Lastly, we're planning to take in anyone who's interested in becoming part of our staff. However, please take in account, that we need you to be a dedicated, active, and a responsible member. This position takes a lot of work, so we would like to have someone who has experience when managing a group. There's two positions, one for "Keyblades", and the other being"Apprentices". So please note us in case you're interested.

And now, our preparation for Sokai Day begins! :dance: Let's give it our all! :la:

:iconbluebird113333::bulletred:Sora x Kairi by bluebird113333:bulletred:

Since the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts III, it seemed like there's been a lot of excitement going around. We hope to take this as a opportunity to celebrate. It's been nearly seven years since KH2, and with a new installment sequel coming our way, there's a lot to look forward to. The last major scene we had of SoKai was at the beach, and with Kairi finally stepping in to fight, there's a lot to expect.

I wonder, what do you fans hope to see? Kairi has always been the one stuck on the islands, waiting for Sora and Riku to come home. However, that seems to be changing now since the recent events in Dream Drop Distance. What's going to happen between her and Sora I wonder? So many hints, but never answers. Let's hope for more to come by making this year just as special as the last ;). :iconsorakissplz::iconkairikiss2plz:

:star:2013 Journey to the Sky:star:

:bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletorange: Concept: Staring a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. Sora and Kairi have gone through a lot from their separation and the many battles that kept their bond strong. They may be apart most of the time since their story began, but they always stayed connected. No matter how far the sky became between them, they always manage to keep a smile; keeping their time together inside their hearts. Their journey continues, and with it, a new destiny of possibilities. So submit anything you want or like guys, because their ending is far from over :). (All types of medium are acceptable, except bases, screenshots, and MMDs.):bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletorange:

:bulletblue: RULES! :bulletblue:

:bulletorange: You must be a member to participate this event! They MUST be NEW deviations and completed. No Works in Progress, please.

:bulletorange: Only SoKai! (Exception of children if included.)

:bulletorange: Send your entries as a NOTE to the group with a link provided! So that way, we can submit them to the folder "Memory Charms".

:bulletorange: Most of all, have fun :la:.

Remember everyone, you all have until September 17th! Once we collected entries from your participation, they will be added as a montage to our Group's ID. We also started a countdown on our front page, so be on the look out! :D

:music::music: Music Videos :music::music:

On further announcements, send us some of your music videos that show and support the two pairings, or for SoKai day! Share it with us, and we'll be sure to feature them in our journals! :) Don't forget! :heart:

:bulletgreen: By shadowkittyart
:pointr: "Give me Love" (RokuNami/SoKai)

:bulletred: By Avidityy
:pointr: "Without Your Love" (RokuNami/SoKai)

:bulletblue: By EnchantedHeart98
:pointr: "They Don't Know About us" (RokuNami)

Contributions from RokuNami Day 2013:Golden Promises: :iconkh2glompplz:.

:iconkiome-yasha::bulletwhite:RokuNami Day:Walking Together by Kiome-YashaRokuNami Day:2013 by Kiome-YashaRokunami Day:Cherish by Kiome-YashaRokuNami Day:Glasses by Kiome-YashaRokuNami Day:Dearly Beloved by Kiome-Yasha:bulletwhite:
:iconannria2002::bulletwhite:Happy Rokunami Day 3 by annria2002:bulletwhite:
:iconlykitty::bulletblue:RokuNami Day: Vampire! by lykittyRokuNami Day: First kiss by lykitty:bulletblue:
:iconkaurax::bulletblack:Rokunami by kaurax:bulletblack:
:iconsummonerdagger88::bulletblue:Rokunami Surprise Kiss by SummonerDagger88:bulletblue:
:iconkatze-marionette::bulletblack:RokuNami-Nobody like you by Katze-Marionette:bulletblack:
:iconhitomyxmidgy::bulletblue:heart to heart by hitomyxmidgy:bulletblue:
:iconbosleyboz::bulletblack:RokuNami Lions by BosleyBoz:bulletblack:
:iconkiarari::bulletblue:Rokunami Day: Starry Night by kiarari:bulletblue:
:iconlucianveovicio::bulletblack:Always Together - RokuNami Day 2013 by LucianVeovicio:bulletblack:
:icondreamychocola::bulletblue:RokuNami Day: Getting ready? by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 Countdown ~ 5 more days by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 Countdown ~ 4 more days by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 Countdown ~ 3 more days by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 Countdown ~ 2 more days by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 Countdown ~ 1 more day by dreamychocolaRokuNami Day 2013 ~ Reunion by dreamychocola:bulletblue:
:iconwhitewest::bulletblack:Give a heart to her. by Whitewest:bulletblack:
:iconyoufie::bulletblue:Some flowers for you by youfieA meeting in Twilight Town by youfie:bulletblue:
:iconburningglory::bulletblack:Twirl by BurningGloryNobodies by BurningGlory...How Do I Look? by BurningGloryT-Thumbs Up! by BurningGloryGuess Who! by BurningGloryGo ahead. by BurningGlorySneaky by BurningGlorySecond Star To The Right by BurningGlory:bulletblack:
:iconffgirl974::bulletblue:RokuNami Day 2013 by FFgirl974:bulletblue:
:iconblackrabbit1234::bulletblack:Rokunami our heart by Blackrabbit1234Happy Rokunami Day ! by Blackrabbit1234:bulletblack:
:iconknight-of-god::bulletblue:RokuNami: Who says Nobody piggy-backs? by Knight-Of-God:bulletblue:
:icongumi-harue::bulletblue:Happy RokuNami Day 2013 by gumi-harue:bulletblue:
:iconheartlesskairi::bulletblack:2013: Roxas x Namine Kiss Plz by HeartlessKairi:bulletblack:
:iconkate621::bulletblue:RokuNami Day 2013: I'll always love you by kate621:bulletblue:
:iconpearlblaze::bulletblack:Happy RokuNami Day 2013 by PearlBlaze:bulletblack:
:iconbeastwithaddittude::bulletblue:RoxasxNamine- when we meet again by Beastwithaddittude:bulletblue:
:iconj4ne-d-c4t::bulletblack:Before We Both Disappear by J4ne-d-C4t:bulletblack:
:iconreflectthelight::bulletblue:I'm here by ReflectTheLightIce cream at Twilight by ReflectTheLightPicture Perfect by ReflectTheLight:bulletblue:
:icondark-mage-13::bulletblack: So SimpleIf I keep on looking forward, will I meet you again? 

    The greatest thing about being me is that my life is simple and clean. I have friends, and school is gonna be no problem for me. It was all fine, until weird things started to happen, and I was in the center of it all. It started with the picture thief, who stolen tons of photos (not to mention the word "photo"), and the strangest part was that they were all of me. I had a stalker, apparently. Not to mention, I have been having these strange dreams, all them familiar, like I had seen them before. 
            Today, one of my friends declared that we go to the beach, and to meet them at the train station. Normally, this would go without a hitch, but now my friends were walking, and suddenly, they stopped mid-step. They weren't moving, blinking, breathing, like all time h


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